Monday, January 23, 2012

A Great Life In Our Planet With World Water Day Celebration And Water Tanks

The vast supply of water in first world countries like the US makes people neglect water tanks because they always have a steady supply of water. Water is such a vital resource yet a lot of people just waste it. The need for water and use of water tanks are much more appreciated in poorer countries.

For that reason, we now celebrate World Water Day each year. The 22nd of March marks the day of celebration of World Water Day or World Day for Water as made by the United Nations General Assembly. This celebration came to reality in 1993.

In this occasion, the United Nations requests all people to not turn on their faucets to be able to conserve water. All countries should take part and the UN has different themes every year for the countries to get involved. One specific activity is the raising of global issues regarding water.

Various agencies in various countries are present to help the UN in their celebration in conserving water. What these groups do is convey their message to the government and other groups what they believe about saving water and the marine life. The World Water Council has always the support of the World Water Forum ever since 1997.

In the panel, the important thing that they discussed is about those billions of people in the globe that have yet to experience clean and safe water. An issue like this is something that we should be bothered by due to the fact that wealthy nations don’t really give much of an appreciation to clean water. What the Council did was to have an annual report about the status of water in various parts of the world.

In recent years the themes were “Water for Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge” in 2011, “Clean Water for a Healthy World” in 2010, “Transboundary Waters” in 2009 and a lot more. The topics that are chosen are looked into meticulously before they really become the theme. Once the theme has been finalized it is now time to show it to the governments and various organizations such as United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) and a lot more.

The water tank industry may seem small but it does big things. The purpose of water tanks is to ensure a safe supply of water. Water tanks can be used in farming and agriculture as well.

Even before, men are already capable of building and using water storage. The first time that man built a home was near a river. It became a necessity for man to know how to build a water tank so that when he moves far away from water he can have a supply of it.

Some great industries in the United States are still making use of water storage. Water tanks that are elevated are the ones that are widely used. The elevated water tank exerts pressure that can help water travel to various areas and houses.

Water tanks also serve industrial purposes. With this, they are able to feed cattle, cows and animal herds plus water the field. We could say that the water tank industry is very modest but for them it is really essential that water must be saved and our planet too.

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