Monday, December 19, 2011

Critics and Crescent Processing Company

The History of the Crescent Processing Company

Cashless transactions are on the rise and the Crescent Processing Company is one of the many e-payment processors that serve consumers and business owners. The CPC caters to a wide clientele range and this is why they provide different business owners with e-payment processing assistance. The company cannot risk the quality of any of the services that they provide to these high profile industry participants given their position in the industry.

CPC is built on a foundation of integrity as it strives to meet every merchant’s payment needs. They have their fair share of detractors but this is something that all businesses experience one way or another. Here are some of the most common complaints that CPC wishes to clarify.

The ability to consistently provide the best services is what makes a company great and what you have here is something that the Crescent Processing Company apparently lacks as mentioned by their detractors. Even if this is so, the CPC sees to it that all of their equipment are able to satisfy their purposes effectively. Nothing but happy and loyal patrons is what the CPC has considering their ability to retain clients at a rate of 98%.

For the Crescent Processing Company, actions are more convincing than words that have no merit and so they do not let rumors affect their business. During the time of the sale, a business owner has the option to talk to a confirmation specialist to walk the merchant through the details of the agreement. When the partnership agreement has been clarified, it is the responsibility of this confirmation agent to see to it that the client has full faith in the CPC.

When it comes to the allegations being made against the company, one of the most common complaints pertains to their customer service. However, Crescent Processing Company’s technical support team is well-trained in almost every aspect of hardware and software that they use. Considering that they have other job requirements that need handling, there are occasions when these workers are unable to answer queries right away.

To know more about their services, they have created the “Call Me” feature for their clients. All it takes is one click of a button for the client to reach the company and this is the great thing about the “Call Me” feature. The CPC really wants clients to be put first at all times and this is why they came up with this feature.

The best equipment and the best services can be expected by clients when they deal with the Crescent Processing Company. The CPC no longer charges their merchant partners for the use of equipment for as long as these businesses use their processing house, et cetera. Aside from Visa and MasterCard, American Express and Discover are also processed by the Crescent Processing Company.

When it comes to the CPC, they use the best pieces of equipment in the industry including the Crescent Diamond which is their main credit terminal. When it comes to any payment transaction, it is the Crescent Diamond that is known to be the best piece of equipment there is. This piece of equipment is not available from any other processing company.

A business is always likely to face allegations from individuals that are not happy with what is being offered. It is the goal of the Crescent Processing Company to solve these problems so that they can better serve their clients. It is the CPC that constantly develops their support and conflict resolution teams so that they will be able to satisfy their clients.

With over 40,000 loyal clients in America alone, the Crescent Processing Company is always striving to improve their operations in order to have the ability to continue providing top notch services to their merchant partners. When it comes to the CPC, they believe that it is best to answer the complaints with quality services and this is what they are doing. The CPC is able to retain long time customers through this system.

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